Together with the polyurethane material injected into the wall profiles, thermal insulation is carried to the highest level. Thanks to the high quality raw materials in the structure, the thermal longitudinal extension values are reduced to minimum levels. It has high performance against UV rays and water. It is an ideal wall material for prefabricated structures with easy installation, light weight and low cost.

Modern fence technology with quality, all weather resistant and long lasting materials is available at Level Building.


You can see samples of our wooden composite products at our headquarters of Level Building. Our customer service representatives will be pleased to help you.

Timber composite deck products are guaranteed 30 years for Azek Timbertech products and 20 years for interdeck products.

When installing wooden composite products yourself, we strongly recommend that you have a professional contractor. Level Building teams are trained to build our products. They ensure that the set-up takes place properly and according to the manufacturer's instructions. From quick replacements to brand new custom platforms, our professionals are ready to take on the next project.rına uyduklarından emindirler. Hızlı değiştirmelerden yepyeni özel platformlara kadar, profesyonellerimiz bir sonraki projenizle başa çıkmak için hazırdır.

Wooden Composite products are not products that require maintenance every year like wood. A regular cleaning with washing is enough so that it can protect its beautiful appearance over the years.

Wooden Composite Brands


It can be applied very comfortably in all the places where it is desired to give a wooden appearance from the pergolas, which are desired to be built in the gardens, to the ground flooring and different decor formations.

Long Life

Wooden composite Products are imperishable and durable because they are not affected by water, humidity and moisture.

100% Environmentally Friendly

Wooden composite Products are made from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

100% Safe

Wooden composite Products provide an anti-slip surface that allows you to safely move on the floor.

100% Durable

Wooden composite Products are resistant to impacts and harsh weather conditions. For this reason, it can be used safely for a long time.

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